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ISO certifications from QCB Albania. A leader in certification and consulting services in Albania.

The objective of Quality Certification Bureau – Albania is to perform independent audit services (known as third part audits) such as technical inspections, audits, certifications, in order to play an important role in enhancing the benefits of business operators through our training and assistance in the certification of International Standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, HACCP, etc.

Certifikime ISO QCB Albania

Our Experience

Q.C.B. Albania is flexible and ready to listen to customer needs. Our certification process does not exceed four weeks from signing our contract (if your organization shows full compliance with the requirements of the applicable standard). Our average time for issuing the certificate after the initial audit result (with positive results) does not exceed seven days. By electing Q.C.B. Albania you will always have direct, personal and immediate contact that will provide you all the necessary information about your certification and especially they will be ready to hear and understand your needs. Q.C.B. Albania operates in the Albanian territory. Read more