ISO 22000

ISO 22000: Certification of food safety management system

ISO 22000 is necessary to ensure hygienic conditions for the production of healthy food (personnel hygiene, equipment hygiene, food hygiene, environmental hygiene, general hygiene etc.) in food companies defining measures to provide these conditions, production and service in terms of health risk, where consumers can give reasons that can determine and eliminate these causes and based on system.

ISO 22000 can be applied by all types of organizations involved directly or indirectly in the food industry, including start-ups, cereal producers, pet food producers to food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, operators of catering and storage services, as well as manufacturers of equipment, packaging materials, cleaning and sterilizing agents, ingredients and preservatives.

Implementation and certification with ISO 22000 enables the company to:

• Assures the consumer and other stakeholders that all food risks are properly identified and controlled;
• Adopts customer requirements related to food safety in order to increase its satisfaction;
• Adherence to food safety standards.
Certificates issued by QCB Albania are accredited.