Risk of lack of ISO certification

Posted by: QCB Category: About ISO Post Date: 03/10/2019

Risk of lack of ISO certification

The best way to avoid accidents in daily operations is to be certified to “ISO” standards. An indication of this is what happens with elevator management, for which ISO certification is obligatory. Despite strike laws and community standards, there are 6-8 fatal accidents per year. The relevant legislation contains the terms that Albania is fully committed to respecting the safety of elevators.

The role of certification body is particularly important and takes “institutional” capacity to market levels, as certification by their customers is required as a way of ensuring the safety of their food, in order to protect their customers.

Aiming at consumer protection, but also to enhance the credibility of entrepreneurs to the food industry, the global market requires and “imposes” continuous inspection and certification of products, quality and safety management system throughout all stages until the product arrives to the customer.

The requirements of these standards are defined by international standards (ISO, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, European Regulations, etc.) and specifications, which must be checked by certification bodies for these services.

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